Revelation 8: The Silence and the Censer


Episode Description

In this episode, we delve into the significant silence featured in Revelation 8, discussing how it’s more than just a lack of noise. It serves as a storytelling element that can suggest desolation, a sense of awe, or the finality of God’s judgment. We talk about how silence demands our focus in both worship and biblical texts, especially in the depiction of a quiet heaven after a worship session in Revelation, which might indicate reverence or the conclusion of judgment.

Using insights from Old Testament passages and insights from Craig Kester’s commentary, we explore the complex symbolism of a half-hour of silence in heaven and its influence on both narrative and spiritual thought.

The conversation then shifts to the captivating symbolism in the Book of Revelation, such as the visual of saints’ prayers ascending as incense and the image of seven angels with trumpets at the ready. We dissect the meaning behind the seventh seal and the depiction of prayer, discussing the role of angels in the period between the Old and New Testaments, referencing First Enoch for context. The episode reaches its peak with an analysis of the role of trumpets in biblical stories—as signals for battle, divine conflict, or the gathering of the scattered people. We recognize that the sound of the trumpets will be perceived differently by each individual, signaling either deliverance or destruction.

We invite listeners to join us in this exploration as we seek to enhance our comprehension of scripture’s rich language.


(00:11) Return to Bible Bistro

Reflections on college days, recommended readings, and the Christian’s role in society and faith journey.

(11:29) Silence in Heaven

Silence in cinema and biblical scripture, desolation, worship and judgment, divine presence, symbolism in Revelation, contemplation.

(22:23) Interpreting the Seventh Seal in Revelation

The seventh seal in Revelation is a gateway to trumpet judgments, with imagery of prayers ascending like incense and a connection to the earthly temple.

(34:18) Symbolism of Prayer and Angels

Nature’s prayers, incense imagery, seven angels and trumpets, and intertestamental literature inform our understanding of divine response and human longing.

(45:09) Symbolism of Trumpets in Revelation

Trumpets symbolize wake-up calls, divine battles, gathering the exiled, worship, and judgment in biblical narratives.


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