Revelation 8: The First 4 Trumpets


Episode Description

Ryan and Brian discuss the symbolism of the seven trumpets in Revelation, focusing on the first four. They draw connections to the plagues of Exodus, examining the significance of hail, fire, and blood as signs of divine judgment. They revisit the scene of the angel with the censer, emphasizing the themes of fire and doom. The episode also delves into the interpretation of “a third” in Revelation, discussing its potential to indicate complete destruction. They analyze the historical and economic context of these judgments within the Roman Empire and investigate the imagery of mountains and the sea, referencing Daniel and the Exodus events. The symbolism of “absinthos” and darkness in scripture is decoded, shedding light on their theological significance. The role of suffering and witness is discussed, focusing on the endurance of believers. The episode concludes with reflections on trusting in God’s plans and recommendations for studying Revelation.


(00:11) Revelation

Revelation’s seven trumpets symbolize divine judgment, with recurring motifs of fire and burning, and an interlude involving an angel with a censer.

(12:12) Interpreting the Third Trumpet in Revelation

Symbolic language in Revelation, using fractions to represent total destruction, comparing literal and symbolic interpretations, and the significance of the second trumpet.

(20:18) Symbolism in Apocalyptic Literature

Nature’s symbolism in apocalyptic literature, parallels to Exodus, and the downfall of Rome’s economic and military control.

(35:34) Symbolic Interpretation of Biblical References

Nature’s absinthos in Revelation represents God’s provision for His people and judgment on those apart from Him.

(46:15) Interpreting Apocalyptic Literature in Revelation

Darkness symbolizes judgment and disruption in biblical texts, but can lead to repentance through the enduring testimony of believers.

(59:10) Trusting God’s Plan and Timing

Nature’s judgment, divine plans, enduring suffering, hardening of heart, God’s ways, faithful endurance, bearing witness.

(01:05:45) Revelation Books and Podcast Discussion

Recommended resources for studying Revelation, carefully curated and vetted, with a preview of the next episode on trumpets and woes.


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