Revelation 7: The Lamb Who Is The Shepherd


Episode Description

Join us at Ryan and Brian’s Bible Bistro as we continue our journey through the Book of Revelation, looking at the shift from the sixth seal to the interlude in chapter seven. We discuss the book’s non-linear structure and the theme of God’s sovereignty as shown by the four winds and angels holding back destruction until the faithful receive God’s seal for protection. We explore the idea of divine safeguarding, which provides assurance to those facing tribulation.

In this episode, we also consider the trials Christians face, linking these to the parable of the four soils to underline the necessity for a strong, enduring faith. We examine the significant ‘seal of God’ in opposition to the ‘mark of the beast,’ discussing how this seal acts as a divine claim that believers are God’s, no matter the trials they face.

Additionally, we delve into the symbolism and representation of God’s people throughout history, questioning the literal interpretation of the 12 tribes in Revelation and the meanings behind their portrayals. We discuss the concept of the great tribulation, the white-robed figures, and how Revelation’s nested symbols create a comprehensive image of faith and endurance.

Stay tuned as we introduce the topic of the seven trumpets, promising more intricate storytelling in upcoming episodes.


(00:14) Interpreting Revelation

Revelation’s sixth seal loops back to the four horsemen, with God’s seal offering protection and assurance for the faithful during tribulation.

(07:34) Sealed by God

Endurance and steadfastness in trials, the seal of God as divine ownership and protection, and belonging to God despite circumstances.

(17:26) Representation of God’s People Throughout History

Symbolism and inconsistencies of the 12 tribes of Israel, including omissions and adjustments, and their significance in Israel’s identity.

(30:52) Elders, Great Tribulation, and Symbolism

Symbolism and significance of white-robed figures in Revelation, contrasting views on tribulation, and its impact on faith and perseverance.

(45:43) Nesting Symbols in Revelation

Nature’s symbolic and impressionistic style in the Book of Revelation, with nested storytelling and the significance of the seventh seal.


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