Advent: Love


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Have you ever stood in awe of the sheer power of unconditional love, especially when it feels like the whole world is steeped in conflict? Our Season 3 finale brings a heartfelt exploration of such love, as we unpack the ancient echoes of God’s “chesed”—His steadfast covenant love—found in the Book of Isaiah. In the midst of holiday family conflicts and the darkness that seems to pervade our world, we’re reminded of the advent of Jesus, a beacon of unity and hope. As we conclude our series, the profound message of Advent rings out clear: love’s triumph is near.

Reflecting on our own struggles, how often do we feel truly understood in our suffering? In this episode, we dare to peel back layers of divine empathy, grounding ourselves in scriptures that reveal God’s heart wrenching alongside ours. We draw upon the moving narrative of Jesus mourning Lazarus’ death, sharing that raw human emotion, to offer a mirror to our familial ties and the empathy that binds us.

The biblical narrative of Israel’s redemption from rebellion serves as a powerful illustration of the intersection between love, discipline, and justice. Steeped in the rich traditions of our faith, we come to understand that God’s chesed transcends mere wrath; it’s the promise of relentless faithfulness to His people and the ultimate salvation story. Join us as we embrace these comforting truths in a celebration of the season’s deepest joys.


(00:11) Love and God’s Covenant Promises

Advent, Isaiah’s theme of love, and family conflicts during holidays are discussed, tying it to the birth of Jesus and the message of light in darkness.

(14:42) God’s Understanding of Human Suffering

God’s empathy for human suffering, portrayed in the Bible and embodied in Jesus, and its significance in times of hardship.

(21:11) Faith, Compassion, and God’s Promise

A deaf man’s journey through adversity, his father’s paralysis, and the concept of compassion in divine and human love.

(29:17) God’s Love for His Rebellious Children

God’s unwavering love and compassion for humanity, viewed through the lens of parental love, and its connection to hope and salvation.


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