Advent: Joy


Episode Description

Join us, Ryan and Brian, as we continue our Advent series with an enlightening exploration of joy in times of sorrow. We break down the biblical concept of joy, distinguishing it from the superficial merriment often associated with the holiday season. Listen in as we reflect on how joy can still be found amidst sadness, and how the light of Jesus can shine in the darkness. We might touch on those predictable Hallmark movies, but we’re here to remind you that true joy isn’t found in material things or perfect endings, but in the hope and peace that comes from knowing Jesus.

Further, we dissect the popular verse from Isaiah 61, referenced by Jesus in Luke, and discuss the shifts in person and the theme of reversal in the passage. The role of Israel as priests of the Lord and the promise of joy and inheritance in the Messiah also feature in our discussion. We encourage our listeners to be careful in interpreting the text and to focus on the promise of everlasting joy. We also examine the connection between joy and the coming of Jesus, emphasizing that joy is not something we can manufacture or chase, but rather a gift given to us by Jesus.

We then journey through the Bible, examining the significance of joy throughout. From its links to God’s promises of restoration and redemption in the Old Testament, to its place in the New Testament where Mary’s response to the angel’s news parallels the servant in Isaiah 61. Finally, we connect joy to the fulfillment of our purpose in God’s plan. We highlight how true fulfillment and joy come from doing the will of God, as shown by the teachings of Paul, Barnabas, and Jesus. Join us in this heartening discussion, as we find joy in fulfilling our purpose beyond personal satisfaction.


(00:11) Joy in Times of Sorrow

Joy in sorrow, biblical concept, finding light in darkness, avoiding superficial joy, true joy in Jesus.

(14:12) Reversal and Joy in Scripture

Isaiah 61’s promise of joy and inheritance in the Messiah, and Israel’s role as priests, are discussed.

(20:46) The Reversal and Purpose of Joy

Joy is a gift from Jesus, connected to reversal, God’s perspective, and being clothed in salvation and righteousness.

(26:39) Exploring Joy in the Bible

Joy in the Bible is linked to God’s promises and relationship with his people, seen in the Old and New Testaments.

(38:14) Finding Joy in Fulfilling Our Purpose

Joy comes from fulfilling God’s plan, as seen in Acts and Jesus’ teachings, and aligns with our calling in Christ.

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