The Church’s Role In A Skeptical Society


Episode Description

Welcome back to Ryan and Brian’s Bible Bistro! In this fourth season, Ryan and Brian return to discuss holiday highlights, Christmas ducks, and personal celebrations. Our new website is now live, offering improved access to episodes, show notes, and faith-enriching resources.

Join us as we tackle the complex changes affecting the church and individual belief systems. We examine the rise of the religiously unaffiliated and the church’s efforts to stay relevant. Insights from Charles Taylor and Andrew Root guide us through societal shifts from a theocentric world to one filled with spiritual diversity. We discuss how events like Watergate have influenced skepticism and trust.

This season at Bible Bistro, we’re focusing on what sets the church apart. We delve into the essence of cruciformity and our search for transcendence amidst various spiritual options. With guest Andrew Root, we’ll explore effective witness in modern times. We’re also excited about an upcoming series on Leviticus.

Whether you’re a regular or new to our show, we welcome you to engage with our content as we explore faith, culture, and the enduring wisdom of the Scriptures.


(00:12) Season Four of Bible Bistro

Ryan and Brian’s Bible Bistro returns for season four with holiday experiences, a new website, and recommended theological readings.

(07:48) Exploring Societal and Cultural Changes

The evolving role of the church and its relationship with modern culture, challenges faced, and practical applications for living faithfully in a secular world.

(13:56) Shift in Beliefs and Church Culture

Charles Taylor’s work explores the shift from a society with a porous understanding of the world to an imminent frame, affecting the church and challenging our understanding.

(19:14) Exploring Shifts in Church Perspective

Culture’s emphasis on physical over spiritual leads to overlooking God’s role in community, influenced by societal shifts towards personal fulfillment.

(24:31) Shifting Values and the Church’s Mission

Cultural and ethical shifts, technological advancements, and changing attitudes towards duty and fulfillment shape our current society.

(34:18) The Meaning and Purpose of Church

Church’s significance beyond social aspect, personal gain vs. communing with God, relevance to youth, avoiding imitation of popular culture, and unique role in our lives.

(46:29) The Importance of Cruciformity and Transcendence

Cruciformity is the essence of Christian life, emulating Christ’s self-sacrificial nature, experiencing his presence in worship and service.

(51:44) Unique Ministry and Future Discussions

Ministry’s unique aspects and enduring impact, Andrew Root’s book series, upcoming Leviticus series, and new website for further engagement.


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