Advent: Peace


Episode Description

Join us on this week’s Advent journey as we seek serenity in the storm, discussing the profound theme of peace amidst conflict. The world’s current state brims with tension, from the Israel-Palestine situation to the strife in Ukraine, challenging us to find tranquility. We explore the resonant words of Isaiah chapter 40 and how it speaks into our series theme, with our guest Ryan enriching the conversation by reading passages that echo the persistent message of peace through a voice of proclamation. Tune in to grasp how to cultivate peace during times of warfare and discord, an endeavor that feels more pertinent now than ever.

This episode also delves into the anticipation and preparation that Advent heralds, drawing parallels from Isaiah 40’s message of redemption. We unravel the intricate tapestry of the biblical text, reflecting on Jerusalem’s transition from conflict to peace, and the equalizing imagery of valleys filled and mountains made low, as we await the divine. The discussion culminates with an examination of the peace that surpasses understanding – peace with God, within ourselves, and with others, a cornerstone of Christian faith. Listen in as we unpack the Greek terms ‘eirene’ and ‘hesuchia,’ and consider how inner tranquility can fortify us against life’s anxieties and guide others toward godliness.


(00:11) Finding Peace Amidst Conflict

Advent series focuses on peace amidst conflict, inspired by Isaiah 40 and voices conveying a message.

(09:40) Preparing for the Coming of Lord

Jerusalem’s redemption and preparation for the Lord’s coming, symbolized by equalizing valleys and mountains, and the contrast between human frailty and God’s enduring word.

(19:23) Peace With God, Ourselves, and Others

Christ’s sacrifice brings reconciliation with God, establishing inner peace as an antidote to anxiety and a prerequisite for godliness and holiness.

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