A Journey of Doubt & Faith with Dr. John Castelein


Episode Description

Welcome back to Ryan and Brian’s Bible Bistro, where we dive into the narratives and teachings of the faith. Today, we have the privilege of engaging with John Castelein in a discussion. John shares with us his journey, a tale of disconnection from Christianity followed by experiences that brought him back to his faith. His story unfolds with reflection and sincerity, touching upon the influences of his family, hardships, and his pursuit of understanding. John’s account is poised to touch the hearts of our listeners, offering a look at the ebbs and flows of a life dedicated to faith.

We also delve into the story of Don Sharp’s mission and the emergence of Belgium’s Christian church. We navigate through narratives that span from a baptism in a pond to the trials of learning English through television. This episode transcends the story of belief, intersecting with themes of education, ministry, and the search for authenticity. Our conversation intertwines experiences with insights, illuminating the journey of holding firm to one’s convictions amid the challenges of life.

As we discuss, we confront the relationship between knowledge and wisdom, belief and understanding. We recount moments of doubt and significant encounters, such as the care for a loved one with ALS, which can lead us back to a place of faith. This dialogue stands as a testament to the ways life’s adversities can fortify our beliefs and serves as a reminder of the quest for truth that navigates us through our personal and shared spiritual journeys.

So, tune in and allow this conversation to spark your own contemplations on wisdom, the pursuit of transcendence, and the continuously unfolding path of faith.


(00:11) John Castelein’s Journey to Faith

A theology professor shares his faith journey, influenced by family history and theologians, highlighting the power of redemption.

(11:44) Don Sharp’s Impact on Faith

Don Sharp’s mission to convert a couple to Christianity led to their baptism in a goldfish pond and establishment of a church in Belgium.

(27:31) Path to Ministry and Faith Journey

Faith and education’s transformative power, encountering Grant Osborn’s works, finding solace in Francis Schaeffer’s teachings, and impact of Dr. James D. Strauss.

(40:43) Theological Education and Personal Integrity

Academic and spiritual journey from conservative biblical worldview to acknowledging human projection of religion and need for meaning.

(50:23) Journey of Faith and Doubt

Personal journey of faith, grappling with inerrancy, interim ministry, preaching, resignation, retirement, heart surgery, caring for wife with ALS.

(01:01:52) Faith, Education, and Wisdom Balancing

Personal spiritual journey, questioning traditional teachings, enlightenment through reason, balance between knowledge and wisdom, surrender in faith.

(01:14:56) Reflecting on Wisdom and Spiritual Experience

Balancing knowledge and wisdom, selfless acts, and faith can deepen our understanding of religious texts and offer insights during personal challenges.


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