Leviticus 11-15: Clean & Unclean


Episode Description

Welcome back to the Bible Bistro, where Ryan and I have sailed to the halfway point in our exploration of Leviticus, diving deep into the world of chapters 11 to 15. This section might not top the charts as the most exhilarating, but we’re here to show you just how riveting it can be. Join us as we decipher the ancient rules of purity, detailing the laws of clean versus unclean. While Leviticus may not be your first choice for a page-turner, we promise to make it worth your while as we tie these age-old ordinances to the essence of our current spiritual practices.

This episode is all about connecting dots from dietary regulations to the complexities of handling skin diseases and bodily discharges. We’ll walk you through how these seemingly outdated laws shape our understanding of the entire scriptural landscape. Our aim is to shed light on the transformative messages of Jesus found in the New Testament, rooted in these Levitical laws.

Amidst our deep dive into the significance of holiness, we’ll sprinkle in some humor and relatable cultural references to keep things lively. We tackle the heavy topics of identity and separation from pagan practices, examining how dietary laws carved out a unique space for the Israelites. The battle to extricate Egypt’s cultural and spiritual influence from the hearts of God’s people is as relevant today as it was then, and we’re eager to unpack it for you.

Prepare for a compelling hour as we narrate stories from the New Testament that reflect Levitical laws, like the touching account of the woman with the issue of blood and how she found healing through Jesus. Our discussion ventures into the struggles faced by the early church in integrating Gentile believers and the monumental outcomes of the Jerusalem Council that still echo in our faith practices today.

Leviticus is far more than a list of ancient rituals—it’s a treasure trove of wisdom that still reverberates with the core of Christian identity and worship. So, tune in and join the feast of thought as we unearth the enduring relevance of these ancient scriptures and how they continue to influence our lives in the modern world.


(00:12) The Bible Bistro

Midway point in Leviticus series, discussing clean/unclean laws and their impact on understanding scripture and Jesus’ teachings.

(10:32) The Significance of Cleanliness Laws

Holiness, separation from polytheistic cultures, chosen by a holy God, reliance on God, dealing with uncleanness.

(18:35) Dietary Laws and Their Symbolism

Leviticus’ dietary restrictions distinguish Israelites from Canaanites, protect health, and symbolize holiness and separation.

(26:24) Laws of Purification and Hygiene

Nature’s laws for purification after childbirth, skin diseases, and mold, with symbolic and health significance.

(41:31) Healing of Woman With Bleeding

Mark 5 depicts a woman’s desperate situation, isolation due to uncleanliness, and immense faith in seeking healing from Jesus.

(49:07) Issues of Separation in Early Church

Early church reconciled Jewish customs with Gentile inclusion, Jerusalem Council’s impact, Paul and Peter’s teachings, and Christian identity as a distinct people.


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