Unbelieving Thomas


Episode Description

Join us on a reflective journey through the lens of Holy Week, where we explore the cornerstone of Christian faith—the resurrection of Christ. With insights from our previous episode’s guest, John Castelein, we peel back layers of the gospel narrative to uncover the servant king, Jesus, and His transformative impact. Listen in as we grapple with the scandal of the crucifixion and the powerful testimony of a risen savior, probing into the ways this pivotal event redefines our understanding of the gospel and reshapes our lives.

Faith, testimony, and belief stand at the forefront of this discussion as we navigate through the challenges of maintaining faith in a world where many are leaving the church. Drawing from the philosophical and teleological arguments, we delve into the heart of Christianity’s robust response to existential questions, anchored by the pivotal moment of Jesus’ resurrection. Eyewitness accounts, scholarly works by N.T. Wright and Michael Licona, and the Gospel of John’s perspective on testimony all converge to bolster our conviction. Discover how apologetics and credible witness serve as vital conduits to knowledge and faith in the Christian journey.

Embark with us as we dissect the symbolism woven throughout John’s Gospel, from the interactions of Nicodemus and the Samaritan woman to the dramatic encounter with ‘Doubting Thomas.’ Our analysis traverses the emotional spectrum from skepticism to revelation, highlighting how personal experiences and testimonies underpin the Christian faith. This episode is a mosaic of reflections, from the reactions to the empty tomb to the significance of Jesus’ post-resurrection words to Thomas. Engage with these narratives that not only underscore the authenticity of the resurrection but also continue to inspire believers’ lives today.


(00:11) Belief in Resurrection and Christian Faith

Storytelling in faith, Holy Week and the resurrection of Christ, unconventional portrayal of Jesus, crucifixion’s significance, transformative power of the gospel.

(08:56) Faith, Testimony, and Belief Discussion

Maintaining faith amidst church decline, anchored by the resurrection and eyewitness testimony, with a focus on the Gospel of John and apologetics.

(19:36) Exploring John Chapter 20

John 20:24-31 explores witnessing and belief in the risen Jesus, with emphasis on responses to the empty tomb and the criterion of embarrassment.

(26:10) Symbolism in the Fourth Gospel

Light and darkness, testimony, personal experience, discipleship, sight, and transformation are explored in the Gospel of John.

(37:21) The Unbelieving Thomas in John

Thomas’s demand for empirical evidence of Jesus’ resurrection challenges early Christian debates and highlights the importance of faith and trust.

(43:28) Belief in the Resurrection Testimony

Thomas’s confession of Jesus as “My Lord and my God” reveals the significance of testimony and its impact on believers today.

(59:15) The Significance of Jesus’ Resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus validates Christian faith, teachings, and hope for eternal life through historical evidence, transformed lives, and early Christian practices.

(01:07:08) Easter Podcast Updates and Support

Easter reflections, new website with book references, Patreon support, and traditional ham in Leviticus.


The Resurrection of the Son of God

by N.T. Wright

The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach

by Michael R. Licona 

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