Daniel 12: Blessed Is The One Who Waits


Episode Description

Welcome back to Brian and Brian’s Bible Bistro, where we conclude our series on the Book of Daniel with Chapter 12. In this episode, we analyze the prophecies and their impact on beliefs about the end times, discussing the expected distress and deliverance that the arrival of Jesus Christ represents. We review historical events such as the wars between the Seleucids and Ptolemies, as well as the Roman period, and consider Michael the Archangel’s significance in the story of redemption. As we approach the Advent season, we invite listeners to join us in considering the hope and salvation brought by Christ. In our detailed discussion, we welcome biblical scholar John Weatherly to discuss the connections between Luke 21 and Daniel 12. Our dialogue delves into the similarities between these prophecies and the real events of the siege and fall of Jerusalem, as well as the temple’s destruction in 70 AD. We talk about the notion of resurrection in historical context and as a future hope, demonstrating the link between the scriptures and a time beyond Daniel’s life. Weatherly’s expertise deepens our grasp of these ancient writings and their significance for Christians today. As we wrap up our study, we tackle the mysterious prophecies in Daniel, considering the trials that have intrigued believers for centuries. Our conversation underscores the need for modesty in interpreting such cryptic texts, noting Daniel’s own confusion when faced with these revelations. We end by emphasizing the need to uphold faith in tough times, drawing from the Parable of the Talents to inspire active participation in God’s work. Reflecting on Daniel’s example and the ongoing challenges for Christians, we’re reminded of the potent lessons of endurance and the persistent hope found in the teachings of Jesus Christ.


(00:12) Daniel 12

Daniel’s prophetic visions, historical conflicts, Michael the Archangel, and deliverance through Jesus are discussed in this final chapter.

(10:15) Interpretation of Luke 21 and Daniel 12

Luke 21 and Daniel 12 are discussed in relation to the destruction of Jerusalem, resurrection, and end times.

(23:43) Interpreting the Prophecy and Vague Answers

Daniel’s prophetic timeline, including ‘a time, times and half a time,’ is explored in various historical contexts and its references in Revelation, emphasizing humility and hope.

(29:05) End Times and Importance of Faith

Disciples’ struggles with expectations of Jesus as Messiah, readiness for his return, historical hardships, and being prepared for challenges.

(36:35) Jesus’ Parable, Daniel’s Prophecy, Faithful Endurance

The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares discusses coexistence of good and evil, the siege of Jerusalem, and the importance of faithful endurance.

(46:00) Daniel’s Faith and Future of Christians

Daniel’s faithfulness, impact on contemporaries, and teachings on resilience; raising resilient disciples; temple and sacrifices in relation to Jesus; Old Testament’s role in pointing towards new covenant.

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