Daniel 11: The Rise & Fall of Kingdoms


Episode Description

Join us on the latest episode of Ryan and Brian’s Bible Bistro as we embark on a captivating exploration of the complex chapter of Daniel 11. As we chart our way through this historical and prophetic panorama, we want to thank our supportive community and offer a sneak peek into an exciting update to our online platform, designed to enrich your journey with enlightening resources and revelations.

In this episode, we untangle the tales of kings and empires from ages past, beginning with Alexander the Great and moving onto the dramatic power struggles between the Seleucid and Ptolemaic empires. We focus on the Holy Land’s pivotal role as a battleground, narrating a tale replete with strategic alliances, betrayals, and quests for domination. The strategic maneuvers of these ancient powers are meticulously traced, tying biblical prophecies to the vibrant history that moulded the world.

Our co-host, Brian, brings in the perspectives of Daniel Levin in this episode, enabling us to delve deeper into the narratives behind these biblical tales. We reflect on God’s unchanging promise of salvation and the Kingdom, drawing encouragement and fortitude from the unseen power that upholds the faithful. This episode paves the way for an engaging conversation on the interplay of divine providence and earthly empires, culminating in the rise of Roman influence and the infamous Herod.

Join us next Tuesday for another episode teeming with historical curiosity and spiritual introspection on Ryan and Brian’s Bible Bistro.


(00:11) Daniel 11

Grateful for website and Patreon support, we tackle Daniel 11’s prophecies and emphasize their legitimacy.

(11:16) Kings of the North and South

Exploring the concept of military might in historical texts, focusing on Alexander the Great and the subsequent Diadochi period.

(20:42) Ancient Kingdoms’ Drama and Alliances

The Hellenistic period saw turmoil within the Ptolemaic and Seleucid empires due to a failed marriage, assassinations, and eventual conflict between Ptolemy III and the king of the north.

(23:12) Antiochus III and the Cleopatras

Sibling rivalry, political maneuvers, and alliances shape the struggle for power in ancient history, leading to the rise of Cleopatra VII.

(32:56) Antiochus and the Holy Land

Contrasting expansion tactics of Alexander and Romans, Hellenistic period’s impact on Judea, and biblical interpretations of rulers’ actions.

(43:00) Antiochus and Roman Intervention

Antiochus IV’s invasion of Egypt leads to the rise of the Maccabees and the rededication of the temple, possibly referencing Herod the Great.

(48:29) Herod and Roman Influence in Daniel

Herod and Antiochus IV’s relationships with Rome, Herod’s reliance on Roman support, and potential Biblical references to Roman expansion and military tactics.

(58:10) God’s Promise and the Kingdom

God’s enduring promise of salvation, the unseen army, and the importance of faithfulness through global turmoil.

(01:06:53) Understanding Daniel Levin and God’s Work

Brian shares Daniel Levin’s perspective on biblical events, enriching our understanding of God’s work and the anticipation of a savior.


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