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A collection of books Ryan or Brian would recommend for further study or devotion.

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Being Consumed

Author: William Cavanaugh
Published: 2008

Jesus and the Powers: Christian Political Witness in an Age of Totalitarian Terror and Dysfunctional Democracies

Author: Michael Bird, N.T. Wright
Published: 2024

God Dwells Among Us: Expanding Eden To The Ends Of The Earth

Author: G.K. Beale, Mitchell Kim
Published: 2015

Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church

Author: N.T. Wright
Published: 2008

Hearers and Doers: A Pastor’s Guide to Making Disciples Through Scripture and Doctrine

Author: Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Published: 2019

Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality

Author: Nancy R. Pearcey
Published: 2019

Disruptive Witness: Speaking Truth in a Distracted Age

Author: Alan Noble
Published: 2018

You Are Not Your Own: Belonging to God in an Inhuman World

Author: Alan Noble
Published: 2021

Christian Convictions: Discerning the Essential, Important, and Personal Elements

Author: Chad A. Ragsdale
Published: 2021

Resident Aliens: Life in the Christian Colony

Author: Stanley Hauerwas, William H. Willimon
Published: 2014

The Stranger at Our Shore

Author: Joshua Sherif, Sarah Lew Tierney
Published: 2022

The Transforming Vision: Shaping a Christian World View

Author: Brian J. Walsh, J. Richard Middleton
Published: 1984