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A collection of books Ryan or Brian would recommend for further study or devotion.

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Christian Convictions: Discerning the Essential, Important, and Personal Elements

Author: Chad A. Ragsdale
Published: 2021

Holy Grit: Reflections on Hebrews for Cultivating a Faith that Lasts

Author: Chad A. Ragsdale
Published: 2023

Revelation’s Rhapsody: Listening to the Lyrics of the Lamb

Author: Robert A. Lowery
Published: 2023

Resident Aliens: Life in the Christian Colony

Author: Stanley Hauerwas, William H. Willimon
Published: 2014

The New Oxford Annotated Apocrypha: New Revised Standard Version

Published: 2018

Paul and Palestinian Judaism: A Comparison of Patterns of Religion

Author: E. P. Sanders
Published: 2017

Plowshares and Pruning Hooks

Author: D. Brent Sandy
Published: 2002

The Lost World of Scripture: Ancient Literary Culture and Biblical Authority

Author: D. Brent Sandy, John H. Walton
Published: 2013

The Day the Revolution Began

Author: N.T. Wright
Published: 2018

The New Testament and the People of God

Author: N.T. Wright
Published: 1992

Justification: God’s Plan & Paul’s Vision

Author: N.T. Wright
Published: 2016

A Community Called Atonement

Author: Scot McKnight
Published: 2007

20 Myths about Religion and Politics in America

Author: Ryan P. Burge
Published: 2022

The Nones, Second Edition

Author: Ryan P. Burge
Published: 2023

Deserting the King: The Book of Judges

Author: David Beldman
Published: 2017


Author: Martin Hengel
Published: 1977