The Wrath Of God Being Revealed


Episode Description

Join us at the Bible Bistro as we examine Romans 1:17-18, delving into the complex ideas of God’s righteousness and wrath. Hosts Ryan and Brian discuss the delicate balance between divine love and judgment. We also share personal stories, adding a touch of humor to our exploration and even sharing how this podcast came to be.

Together, we take a closer look at the book of Romans, recognizing its unique nature among Paul’s letters. It serves as a missionary document, conveying Paul’s aspirations for support on his journey to Spain and illustrating the gospel’s transformative power. We conclude by underscoring the book’s importance in understanding the gospel’s influence on the lives of believers, rather than simply presenting a systematic theology.

We end our episode at the Bible Bistro by considering the moral framework of the natural world from a Christian viewpoint. Discussions cover modern-day idolatry and how nature’s grandeur can guide us to God. Additionally, we confront challenging topics like human sexuality and reproduction within biblical texts, affirming the existence of moral truths in the created order.


(00:11) Wrath and Righteousness in Romans

Interpreting Romans 1:17-18, we discuss God’s righteousness and wrath, NT Wright’s insights, and our own quirks in theological debates.

(13:42) The Book of Romans Explained

Nature of Romans as a unique, missionary document addressing the essence of the gospel and Paul’s desire to visit Rome.

(27:21) The Nature of God’s Wrath

God’s holiness, our sinful state, and the tension between His love and wrath are discussed in relation to the battle between truth and falsehood in Scripture.

(34:18) Exploring Natural Theology and Creation

Nature’s power and intelligence revealed through creation, inspiring worship and leading to belief in God.

(38:56) The Consequences of Suppressing Truth

Nature’s transcendence, human corruption of thought and will, idolatry, sexual ethics, and actions against God’s design.

(44:16) Illustrating the Natural Order and Ethics

Nature’s design, idolatry, transcendence, and moral truths in the created order are discussed through Christian theology.

(51:39) Unraveling the Wrath of God

Nature’s intended order, human departure, perversion, hypocrisy, spiritual death, and failure to fulfill purpose.


Paul and the Faithfulness of God

by N.T. Wright

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